I have a keen interest in religion and am also a trained scientist. “The 11 Pillars of Rational Religion” is my attempt to provide a scientific analysis of religion.

The first step in any scientific inquiry is to define terms. There was a recent debate on April 9, 2012, between a Roman Catholic Archbishop (Australian Cardinal George Pell) and well-known atheist, Richard Dawkins. It was an interesting discussion, but I felt they were often at cross-purposes due to a lack of agreement on definitions. For example, as mentioned in Pillar 1, I believe a major source of confusion is the lack of distinction between “religion” and “organised religion”.
I use the definition of religion from the Macquarie Dictionary as the best I have found, but welcome feedback to find a better one (1). Science also requires its own definition and the one I have found most helpful is also from the same source: “The systematic study of man and his environment based on the deductions and inferences which can be made and general laws which can be formulated from reproducible observations and measurements of events and parameters within the universe”. (2)
Science is nothing more than a methodology to understand the universe. I have combined both this definition of science and what the key points of scientific method are in the attached .pdf. I welcome any comments on the document in order to encourage consensus and fruitful discussion.

My investigations have led me to the conclusion that a Creator makes more logical sense than no Creator. I am not claiming to have the answer to these complex but highly important questions but, based on my logical analysis, I have arrived at my conclusions. I challenge you to do the same. Let me know how you go.
The medallions shown on the Home Page are the result of similar "questing" by EW Cole. His youngest daughter, Ivy Diamond Cole, was my grandmother, on my father’s side. Perhaps in his tradition, I have also produced a medallion featured at the bottom of the Home Page, reflecting the outcome of my analysis. It is 47mm diameter, comes with a magnetic clasp and is supplied in a protective display box. If you would like one, please deposit A$10 cost price plus A$5 postage if you live in Australia (total A$15) or A$10 postage anywhere else (total A$20) into Paypal email account tony(at)rudd(dot)net and send an email to the same address quoting receipt number and your delivery address.

(1) I hope that the fact that both the dictionary and I are Australian is not a factor!
(2) I sometimes wonder if perhaps art (defined by the same source as “the production or expression of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance”) could be a bridge between science and religion?


For a .pdf of this summary, click here.

At a London concert in 2009,  Leonard Cohen said
"I've also studied deeply in the philosophies of the religions, but cheerfulness kept breaking through".

Let's hope it continues to do so!
(Image used by permission.)